March 25, 2006 - The second round of the U.S.A.C. Silver Crown Series presented by K&N Engineering was held at the high banked 1.5 mile Homestead Miami race today.  This was the first ever race for the Silver Crown cars on a super speedway (1.5 mile length or higher).  

Teams had a steep learning curve to adjust to with the higher speeds associated with the track.  Top speeds of 185 MPH and average laps speeds of 165-170 MPH meant that aerodynamics played a big role in the cars performance.  

The weekend started a little rough for Tim Barber and the Pierson Racing/Riverside Motorsports/BOS Sheet metal/Eibach Springs/C&R/JetSet #28 team.  All but ten minutes of a 3 hour open test on Wednesday was missed due to ignition problems.  The issues were remedied, but much of the valuable testing time was lost. 

Thursdays test finally got some laps under the teams belt, but there was still a lot of fine tuning to do.  Thursdays speed charts saw the #28 sitting mid-pack about 8/10 of a second off of the fastest car. 

By the end of Friday the #28 was sitting fourth fastest only 4/10's of second off the pace.  With a 100 mile race ahead and little information about how these new cars would handle racing in a pack and burning over 350 pounds of fuel over the course of the race, Tim Barber and the team worked on making the car as comfortable and reliable as possible rather than tune it for one quick lap.

Saturday the day that counted, qualifying was at noon and the race scheduled for 4:30 PM.  The team was a little disappointed with the qualifying results.  The #28 ran its fastest lap of the weekend at a 31.923, but that was only good enough for 9th place.   As long as we could keep our nose clean and be around at the end of the race we knew we could improve on our position.

The car set up and hard work did finally pay off.  The #28 didn't miss a beat for 67 laps and got faster and faster with every bit of fuel it burned off.  We took over third place on lap 57 and turned our fastest lap of the race on the last lap! 

This was the highest finish in Silver Crown competition to date for the team and we are looking forward to the next race in Kentucky June 12th.

This race will air on April 8th on the Outdoor Channel.