Denver, CO August 15, 2005 – It was quite a weekend for Tim Barber in Denver.  It started Friday morning in practice when, after completing almost the entire session and setting the quickest lap of the GTA class, another mechanical issue arose. 
At the last race in San Jose, the team struggled with a problem that saw the front brakes fail and the rears lock up with such great force that the rear axle was ripped from the chassis.  Well this time, the front brakes failed with spectacular results.  As Tim was braking for the very high-speed right hand first turn the right front brake caliper exploded.  There is no runoff room at this point on the track so Tim managed to get the car turned and hit the apex of the first turn.  From there he competed a power downshift to use the engine as a brake as the car slide sideways and soon was buried with the left side into the tire barrier.  It was estimated that the car impacted the tire wall at over 100 mph.  It was fortunate that the tire barrier was four rows deep as Tim’s car buried itself half of its width into them.  The bodywork was completely dislodged from the frame.  A tire actually broke though the left quarter panel window and was inside the car.  Fans, who where just on the other side of the tire walls and concrete banners when running when they saw that Tim was going to visit them, unexpectedly and uninvited.  After the car was removed from the wall it was discovered that two of the 5-ton concrete walls had been moved several inches by the impact.  Tim had some rib and ankle bruising but nothing broken.